De invloed van airconditioning op de luchtvochtigheid in huis. Hoe zit dat?

The influence of air conditioning on the humidity in the home. What's up with that?

During the hot summer days, many people use air conditioning indoors to cool the room. This is of course nice against the heat, but what many people do not know is that air conditioning also reduces humidity.

Why does humidity drop when using air conditioning?

An air conditioner not only cools the air, but also removes moisture. The warm moist air is converted into cool dry air. If the air conditioning is left on for a long time and there is no ventilation in the house, the humidity in the house can drop significantly.

What happens to your body when the humidity is too low?

If this is the case for a long time, your body loses fluid and your mucous membranes dry out. At low humidity, your lungs are also less able to absorb oxygen from the air. This causes various complaints such as headaches, fatigue and concentration problems. Your throat and lungs dry out, which can also cause you to suffer from a dry throat and a dry cough. An environment with low humidity is therefore anything but a pleasant living environment.

What can you do to keep the humidity in your home high enough?

We recommend that you always maintain insight into the humidity in your home. With a hygrometer you can measure the humidity and so you know at any time whether the humidity in your home is still good.

The humidity is expressed as a percentage and the ideal level is between approximately 40% and 60%. Then the room is neither too dry nor too humid. This is an ideal level for a quality living environment.

If it turns out that the humidity in the house is too low as a result of the air conditioning, then ventilation is the most natural way to get the humidity percentage back to the ideal level.

But if it is so hot and you want to keep turning on the air conditioning every day, you can also opt for a humidifier in your home that will raise the humidity in your home.

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