Returns and Warranty Policy

Returns and Warranty Policy

Not satisfied with your purchase or is additional service needed? We would like to hear the reason for this and what we can do to make you satisfied again.

Submit your return notification by email:

Our customer service is ready to provide you with the correct instructions to start the returns process. Remember, as a sender you are responsible for sending your package, following these instructions significantly reduces the risk of errors. For smooth processing, it is important that the return/repair form is completed in full. You will receive this from customer service when you register a return.

Return conditions:

You can return your order with us for up to 30 days. We will then ensure that the purchase amount is credited to your account within 1-7 working days after receipt of the return shipment. Returning your order is free.

The following items cannot be returned if a refund of the purchase price is required:

If the original packaging, accessories or product is not reusable due to opening/use, products cannot be returned. Take care of hygiene and safety. If this is not guaranteed, you cannot return the product.

Repair and replacement conditions:

After we have received your package, we will arrange a repair within 1-7 days on average and send the repaired or replacement device, depending on the volume.

Warranty conditions

After purchasing a product you have a full 2-year warranty on your purchase. This includes repair/restoration in the event of damage or defects, any free replacement of the product and additional service from us as LifeWise.

Submit your warranty request by email: