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CO2 Meter

CO2 Meter

  • Effectieve en nauwkeurige metingen
  • Perfect inzicht in de luchtkwaliteit in huis
  • Creëer een optimale leefomgeving
  • Verminder gezondheidsklachten
  • Geeft betere nachtrust
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    The LifeWise CO2 meter is versatile and intelligent. Thanks to the highly sensitive NDIR sensor, the air quality meter indicates the CO2 value to an accuracy of 1ppm. The comfort indicator clearly indicates whether the CO2 value is good, moderate or too high. Subsequently, the lowest and highest measured CO2 value is recorded so that you have an optimal insight into the CO2 value.

    In addition to the CO2 value, the humidity and temperature are also measured so that you have a complete overview of the air quality in your home.

    The CO2 meter can be used via USB and the socket, but also wirelessly. Thanks to the rechargeable 2000 mAh-li battery, the CO2 meter can be used wirelessly for up to 72 hours.

    Why is the CO2 meter so important?

    With every exhalation, CO2 is released into the air and this has a negative impact on air quality. If there is too much CO2 in the air, the body can absorb less oxygen and this causes physical complaints such as headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration.

    With the LifeWise CO2 meter you have effective and accurate insight into the CO2 value indoors and you know exactly when you need to intervene to improve the air quality.

    All unique features at a glance:

    • High-quality NDIR sensor with 1ppm accuracy, so that the CO2 meter performs an extremely accurate and reliable measurement;
    • Continuous refresh so that you know what the air quality is at any time;
    • Comfort indicator with which you can easily read whether the CO2 value is good, moderate or too high;
    • Recording Low and High so that you can see exactly what the lowest and highest measured value has been;
    • Adjustable CO2 alarm that immediately informs you if the CO2 value is too high;
    • Humidity and temperature display that, in combination with the CO2 measurement, gives you a very complete insight into the air quality;
    • High quality rechargeable 2000 mAh li battery that allows you to use the CO2 meter wirelessly and place it anywhere in the house according to your own wishes;
    • Including USB cable socket adapter so that you can also use the CO2 meter continuously for very long periods via the cable.

      High quality NDIR sensor with 1ppm accuracy

      The CO2 value is indicated in ppm, which stands for ''parts per million''. The CO2 value indicates how many CO2 particles are present in the air per one million air particles.

      The LifeWise CO2 meter is equipped with a high-quality infrared sensor with an accuracy of no less than 1ppm, which means that the CO2 meter performs an extremely accurate measurement.

      Comfort Indicator

      With the comfort indicator you can see at a glance whether the CO2 value is good (low), moderate or bad (too high).

      Good (happy face): 400ppm-1000ppm
      Moderate (printed face): 1000ppm-2000ppm
      Bad (gloomy face): 2000ppm-5000ppm

      Adjustable CO2 alarm

      With the CO2 alarm you will be alerted as soon as the CO2 value rises above a certain value. This is useful because you cannot be around all the time to read the CO2 value. The alarm is set to 1000ppm by default, but this can be adjusted to your own preference, but you can also switch off the alarm if desired.

      Optimal insight into air quality

      In addition to the CO2 value, the meter also provides insight into the humidity and temperature. This gives you complete insight into indoor air quality. In addition to the CO2 value, you can also see whether the humidity in the house is too high or perhaps too low.

      If the humidity is too low (below about 40%), the room in the house is too dry and you can suffer from dry and irritated eyes, but also from dry skin and chapped lips. This can also affect the quality of your concentration and your night's sleep.

      On the other hand, if the humidity is too high (above approximately 60%), the room is too humid and this can lead to mold formation in the house, but also cause stuffiness or sweating. In addition, a house that is too humid is also a breeding ground for dust mites and you don't want that!

      Versatile to use

      First of all, the CO2 meter is rechargeable and can therefore be used wirelessly. Charging takes approximately 3 to 4 hours, after which the CO2 meter can be used wirelessly for up to 72 hours. This makes it easy to place and move the CO2 meter anywhere in the house. Ideal!

      The LifeWise CO2 meter has a much longer battery life than most other CO2 meter models. This is because the CO2 meter only does what it is intended for, without unnecessary power consumption due to, for example, screen lighting or different screen or font colors.

      The CO2 meter can also be used continuously via the USB cable or in combination with the supplied socket adapter. This means you don't have to charge it in between. Also ideal!

      Technical specifications

      • Size: 13.8cm (H) x 9.9cm (W) x 6.9cm (L)
      • Weight: 400 grams
      • Sensor: NDIR Infrared
      • CO2 range: 400ppm - 5000ppm
      • Power Supply: USB Cable and Power Outlet Adapter
      • Battery: 2000 mAh li battery
      • Accuracy: 1ppm
      • Refresh: continuous

      Veelgestelde vragen

      Can I get a volume discount if I want to order a larger quantity?

      Yes, this is possible. If you want to order a larger quantity, whether for private use or business use, a volume discount is possible. If it concerns private use, you can send an email to or complete the contact form stating the number of items you wish to order. We will then indicate which volume discount is possible. If it concerns business use, you can choose ''Request a business quote'' on the product page of the CO2 Meter.

      How many years of warranty do I have on the product?

      When you purchase the CO2 Meter you have a 2-year full warranty from LifeWise. This includes repair/restoration in the event of damage or defects, any free replacement of the product and additional service from us as LifeWise.

      How long does it take to charge the CO2 Meter and is it best to use the CO2 Meter wirelessly or via cable?

      Charging takes approximately 3 hours until the battery indicator shows that the battery is full. We recommend continuing the charging process for another 3 hours to maximize battery capacity. After charging, you can use the CO2 meter wirelessly for up to 72 hours.

      You can use the CO2 meter wirelessly or via cable according to your own wishes. If the CO2 meter is often moved, wireless use is recommended. If the CO2 meter is often switched on continuously in one room, use via the cable is recommended.


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